Portable Appliance Testing

The Testing of all Appliances

For a number of years Glyn Nuttall Ltd has provided a service to its clients in order that they comply to their insurance requirement and the electricity at work act 1989. In the testing of all appliances that have a plug top affixed such as mains appliances including portable, transportable hand held, stationary and IT equipment.

  • Visually inspect every appliance lead and plug for damage, correct use and suitability for its environment
  • Open every plug, check all fuses for correct amperage to the appliance, replace if required
  • Tighten every terminal and cable clamp
  • Test earth resistance, installation resistance polarity and function/load
  • Label every item
  • Produce an asset register of
    • Make/Model number
    • Location
    • Date of test
    • Next test date
    • Condition – pass green/fail red
  • Record, make safe and report all findings to client

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