Solar Photovoltaic

Mr & Mrs Sanders


Mr and Mrs Sanders were looking to reduce their electricity charge by generating their own electricity and exporting surplus to the grid.

Work undertaken

We installed a 4kW system on behalf of the Sanders family comprising of 16No 250W ZN shine panel onto a tiled south facing roof pitched at 28°.

With a highly efficient SMA inverter the predicted revenue earned will be from the feed-in tariff alone. This is not to mention what they will save on electricity bills and additional export revenue.

As an MCS installer we employ the service of professional scaffold company and roofer to affix the panels in accordance to manufacturer's instructions and in order to achieve a first class installation.

Feed-in Tariff

The feed-in tariff (fit) is a government initiative to encourage people to install photovoltaic systems in order to generate green electricity and as a way of enabling the government to achieve its obligations to EU laws of providing 15% of the electricity consumed from renewable technologies by 2020.

There are three main benefits to the customer.

  • Your chosen energy supplier will pay a fixed price for each unit of electricity generated, whether it is consumable by the customer or fed back into the grid.
  • Additional monies will be paid by your energy supplier for all electricity exported back into the grid.
  • By generating your own electricity you will import less from the national grid, reducing you overall energy bill.

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